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  • FINTA* People in the solar industry

    FINTA* People in the solar industry

    Why do we want to give at least 50% of the Solacamp spots to FINTA* people (women, inter, non-binary, trans, agender people)?Simple – the rate of women in trades that install photovoltaics is very low:Women electricians: 2.7%female plasterers: 2,5%roofers: 2%Female plumbers for sanitary, heating and air conditioning: 1.2%.We would like to change this and make…

  • Excursion to the solar test field in Merdingen

    Excursion to the solar test field in Merdingen

    A few days ago, a small Solarcamp delegation was at the open day of Fraunhofer ISE at the photovoltaic test field in Merdingen. A very exciting day! ☀️💚 You can find a detailed report from the day on the Balkon.Solar website.

  • Weekly planning meeting

    Weekly planning meeting

    The weekly planning meeting will take place starting this week on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the StuRa building (Belforstr. 24), 1st floor. All those who would like to participate in the planning of the solar camp are cordially invited! Here you can download the date so you never miss it 🙂

  • Yesterday’s kick-off was a complete success!

    Yesterday’s kick-off was a complete success!

    30 motivated people from different areas came together: Students, Balkon.Solar e.V., Energieagentur Regio Freiburg and many more! We divided into teams that will take care of the organization of the Solarcamp in summer from now on! We are very much looking forward to working together! Stay tuned!

  • Kick-Off


    Solarcamp Freiburg Kickoff Friday, 31st March 2023at 5 p.m.Room R4,Historischer Peterhof, Niemensstraße 10, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau.With the “Solarcamp Freiburg”, we want to offer a two-week program this summer in which 50 people will learn how to build solar systems and drive the energy transition themselves.In order for the project to really take off, we need…